The Darlington Foundation's annual report which contains information on details of students that have been helped through the year by either sponsorship or direct assistance towards their University Graduation.

Darlington-Gacmodheere-foundation is developmental, Non-governmental and Non-profit foundation and was founded in 2011to pay the fee of the universities for the graduates from high school especially those scored high grades, this year it is eleventh anniversary since the foundation was founded.

First of all, May 18th is a day to remember that historically Somaliland gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 26th June 1960 and lost its sovereignty five days after Somaliland formed a dubious union with Somalia on 1st July 1960. It is therefore a day to remember the connections between 26th June 1960 and 18th May 1991.

So far, the foundation sponsored 63 students from different regions of Somaliland; thirty-nine (39) students have already graduated in different faculties and now have different jobs in different places in Somaliland. The foundation pays the fee of the universities as well as the expenses of the books.

The Sponsored students learnt different faculties such as, business, law, medicine, engineering, ICT, education, laborites, public health and they choose the faculties at their choice, without pressure and they can join the universities they are interesting whether they are private or public like HARGEISA, AMOUD, GOLIS, SANAAG, BUROA, BERBERA AND NUGAAL.

In this year (2021), seven students (7) were graduated different universities in Somaliland and they graduated different faculties like medicine, laborites, education and IT. On the other hand, the foundation had sponsored new students from different high schools in the different regions of Somaliland.

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