The Darlington Gacmadheere Foundation

The Darlington Gacmadheere Foundation

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The Darlington Gacmadheere Foundation is a Somali based Education charity set up in memory of Richard Darlington who was nicknamed "Gacmadheere" by the locals. Since it's inception the Foundation has embarked upon various charitable and educational causes in Sonaliland, they include University scholarships and training for young Somalis and inclusive sporting activities like the Somaliland Marathon
The Foundation's Mission
Promoting and developing education in Somaliland students.
Supporting financially to get appropriate education.
Promoting and educating the public on the cultural and historical links between Somaliland and the United Kingdom.

Richard Darlington


Richard R. Darlington was born on 9 January 1919. He was educated at Harrow, and came up to Gonville and Caius in 1938 to study the Geographical Tripos, though his studies were interrupted by the WWII, and he therefore took his BA degree in 1948. He was the commander of the Somaliland Protectorate’s contingent that fought in Burma during WWII. He was regarded with enormous affection by many Somalis, who gave him the nickname 'Gacmadheere'. He left Somaliland in 1971 for Wales, just two years after the coup d’état staged by Siad Barre, and died in April 2007. During his lifetime Mr Darlington contributed to an account with the Charities Aid Foundation and the Executors of his Will were authorised to determine an appropriate way to distribute the proceeds of this account. They decided that the funds should be used to assist with the education of students from Somaliland.

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The Management Board

Mr. Eid El Ahmed is the Chairman of the Foundation with a long term involvement in Education in Somalia

Mr. Eid El Ahmed


Dr.Susan Sills is the Secretary of the foundation with a long term involvement in Education in Somalia.

Dr.Susan Sills


Dr.Susan Sills is the Treasurer of the foundation with a long term involvement in Education in Somalia.

Mr. Richard Sills


Professor Vaughan Robinson has been a long time member of the foundation.

Professor Vaughan Robinson


Professor Abdillahi Ahmed Guleid has been a long time member of the foundation.

Professor Abdillahi Ahmed Guleid


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