This year Somaliland’s National Day, the 18th of May 2022 fell on a Wednesday. It is the time that the people from all over Somaliland celebrate their independence.

Time flies so fast and we are have celebrated the 31st anniversary of Somaliland. According to the Somaliland Diaspora Office, the motto of this years’ celebration was Statehood Recognition & Prosperity. It is our common goal to work together and ensure that Somaliland achieves recognition and prosperity.

First of all, May 18th is a day to remember that historically Somaliland gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 26th June 1960 and lost its sovereignty five days after Somaliland formed a dubious union with Somalia on 1st July 1960. It is therefore a day to remember the connections between 26th June 1960 and 18th May 1991.

The article by Abdi Ali gives more insight to this memorable celebration.

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